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Michael Ashur is one of Ireland’s best-known painters and his work is in many major collections in Ireland and abroad. Exhibiting internationally, he represented Ireland in the International Festival of Painting in Cagnes-sur-Mer, France (voted the most popular work in the exhibition by public vote).

His work, widely divergent from his contemporaries, challenges our common perceptions of space and time.

There is more to Ashur’s paintings than the incredibly meticulous technique, the explosion of colour, the radiation of light and the abstract design. The viewer must journey beyond the painterly surface in search of the universal, in search of the infinite.

Science fact rather than science fiction inspires the artist’s geometric imagery. Years of research and an awareness of current scientific thought buttress Ashur’s imagination.

Contemplation of synchronicity between human and cosmic time is at the heart of the drama and stillness played out on his canvas.

The Works Of Michael Ashur